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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It comes in a plethora of shapes, sizes, forms. A myriad of definitions and explanations. Seen and hidden, inner and outer. All of which differs from one person to the other.

Beauty, to me, is what I see in this list of three.


#1 beauty in wonders

There’s something about mysteries that keeps people on their toes and leaves them guessing. Something about the diamonds in the rough, gems in the dust, the concealed and the hidden that makes one curious. Emma Watson puts it best with the less you reveal, the more people can wonder.”

Like sunsets and sunrises that only make appearances once a day; their glory and majesty in all their rarity, makes them all that more of a wonder – a wonder that people travel miles to just to see them in the best place; a wonder that people wait hours for just to catch a glimpse of. And in that wonder, is a beauty unraveled.

#2 beauty in empowerment

Diary entry 2015 and there I was writing away the words I feel empowered possibly for the first time in my life. Empowered, wrote the year 2015 me, meant having confidence, strength and certainty. Head held high, heart assured. Fully and completely at ease.

Feeling like a crown had just been placed on my head – queen for a day, on top of the world for a change. Empowered was all that, and some more. And in that moment when I had felt confident, strong, certain, and irrevocably empowered, I also felt absolutely beautiful.


#3 beauty in embracing

Acceptance, understanding, and loving are elements of what it means to embrace. Whether it’s a flaw, a habit, a quirk. Speed, pace or routine. To embrace is to accept, understand and love it all. Or rather, it means learning and growing to accept, understand and love it better.

And when it comes down to it, to embrace means to learn and grow to accept, understand, and love one’s self better. And that, to me, is an apparent and unmistakable act and moment of beauty.

Wonder, empowerment and embracing – this is what beauty means to me.

And where they come together and come the best, lies in the way I’ve been taught to dress. My wonder, my crown and what teaches me to embrace – is all in my hijab. It encompasses beauty in so many forms, but these are my top three. With my Hijab, I’m a wonder. With my Hijab – my choice and my right – I feel strong and empowered. With my Hijab, I am able to embrace who I am. With my Hijab, I am beautiful.

This post is one meant to capture what beauty means to me. It’s a post to celebrate #WorldHijabDay that was on the 1st of February. And it’s a post to honocr an eternity of the wondrous, empowering, and embracing beauty of Hijab.

Happy belated #WorldHijabDay!
How do you define beauty? And what does Hijab mean to you?

Before I end this post, I want to say thank you to Zahra for the opportunity to become a guest blogger here on The Rosie Grammar. I’m extremely honored & am looking forward to what awaits, In sha Allah. Till the next one!


 With love, Iween | Wendystrucked



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